South Jersey In-Ground Pool Builders

AquaKrete™ Swimming Pools

In an effort to provide the highest quality in-ground swimming pools for the best value, Budd’s Pools & Spas proudly offers the AquaKrete™Swimming Pool. This innovative pool structure integrates the beauty and durability of a gunite pool with the texture and comfort of a vinyl pool, creating the look and feel of a luxury pool that is cost-effective and low-maintenance.

Our skilled professional construct each pool with great precision and care to guarantee you a high quality product: one that sustains your simple enjoyment for a lifetime. In fact, we so strongly believe in our product, our AquaKrete™ Pools come with a lifetime warranty. 

If you are considering an in-ground pool, here are four reasons why you should choose AquaKrete™:

1) 10” Thick Concrete Wall System:

Thicker than most home foundations build today, this structurally engineered system is a continuous pour of 4,000 P.S.I. concrete combined with the rebar reinforcement, providing you peace of mind knowing that your pool will literally be there for a lifetime.

2) Concrete 680 Pool Step – Built to Last:

From 8’ wide to 20’ wide, interior to exterior, no other pool step possesses the strength, look, and feel of the 680 pool step. The pool step is typically the weakest point of any pool structure. However, we pour our 680 pool step directly into the pool structure; thus, making it as strong as the wall.

Bigger steps can be used for lounging in the pool, and the vinyl liner covering provides you that seamless transition and look of a gunite swimming pool.

3) 48” High Wall Structure:

Most in-ground pool wall structures are only 42” high, which only gives you 3’ of water in your shallow end after the base material and water height. With the AquaKrete™ structure, you get an additional 6” of water; perfect for games, swimming, exercising, or just plain fun.

4) The Warranty:

Our warranty includes all material and labor for life. Since Budd’s Pool & Spas is the manufacture, if something goes wrong, we fix it… no questions!! This warranty is also transferable.