Safety Covers & Fences

At Budd’s Pools & Spas, we know that peace of mind makes it possible for you to “Simply Enjoy” your water feature. You want peace of mind that comes from a secure parameter and a cover that protects from the damaging effects of the changing seasons. See us for your covering and fencing needs!

Safety Covers

Pool Safety Cover

We provide various fabric types and color options for covering your standard or custom pools and spas, with both safety and aesthetics in mind. Our safety covers meet ASTM F1346-91 stringent safety performance standards and provide a tamper-resistant barrier that helps keep unattended children, pets and other wildlife from wandering into your pool. These covers also keep leaves and other debris out of pool, making your opening day process much easier.

We offer covers built with durability and performance in mind. The high quality fabrics contain special harsh weather and damaging sun ray inhibitors that ward off rotting, stretching, cracking and tearing. Kept in place using non-corrosive stainless steel and brass hardware, with fitted springs and strap attachments, the covers fit securely to your deck surface. Chafing strips and reinforcement pads maximize the cover’s lifespan, and optional special parameter pads protect the cover fabric near rough rock or coping.

Safety Fences

Pool Safety Fence

We offer attractive and easy to use removable fencing options for your standard or custom pools and spas. Perimeter safety fencing provides practical protection and an added measure of security for pool owners with children and pets. Constructed of weather-resistant, heat-sealed mesh, aluminum quad-core poles, and spring-lock hardware latches, these fences come in varied section lengths and heights that go up and come down easily.