Small Yard Pool and Spa in Brigantine, NJ

Pool and Spa in Brigantine

Budd’s designed this spool-sized retreat in Brigantine, NJ for a large shore home with a small yard. The owners wanted a design that would transform a 350 sq. ft. space into a delight for the senses and a retreat from the busy summertime seashore.

The three-story shore home surrounds the pool area on three sides, providing a sheltered space for creating this private outdoor oasis. The drama starts with an infinity edge pool that features cascading water on one end, fountains on the opposite side and three waterspouts on a third side. Three fire features light the nighttime with dancing flames reflecting in fountains and falling waters.

The pool and spa in Brigantine are surrounded by wood decks and stairs, marble coping, and custom tiles. The entire scene can be enjoyed from the home’s windows and porches on all three levels. All these features—custom pool, spa, fountains, waterfall, and flaming fires—fit seamlessly into a challenging space that seemed small, and yet holds all the joys and pleasures you’d expect to find in larger custom WaterSpaces.

Pool and Spa in Brigantine 2
Windows and porches on three levels look out on the pool area at this Brigantine, NJ, home.
Water falling from the infinity edge pool and fountains at this seashore retreat fill the space with relaxing sound.

The pool and spa are surrounded by wood deck, marble coping, and beautiful custom tiles.

Features of this Custom Small Pool and Spa in Brigantine, NJ

• Custom Pool and Spa
• Infinity Edge Pool with Waterfall
• Fountains
• Fire Features
• Custom Tile
• Decks
• Marble Coping