Spa Testimonials

“Our Bullfrog Spa A6L, with four interchangeable jetpacks, has made an impact on our lives that fifty eight and fifty has become the new thirty eight and thirty (respectfully).  From the beginning of our recon mission to the actual sitting in our new bullfrog spa the wonderful people at Budd’s Pools and Spas made the experience as pleasant as possible.  Our sales consultant- Mr. “Butch Behnke- made the purchase seem like the spa was meant to be in our yard regardless of the cost, logistics or time.  Every detail was explained in full with absolutely zero surprises…

  •  Explanation of bullfrog construction – Outstanding
  •  Demonstration of bullfrog –  Complete/Organized
  •  Purchase of bullfrog – Painless
  •  Selection of options – Seamless
  •  Installation of Spa – Quick, easy and on time – arrived in the morning…fully heated and enjoying all the benefits by afternoon

After any day of work in or out of the house, at anytime of the year, the bullfrog spa with it’s easy lift of cover is the only place to be to melt off the stress and relax in total comfort! Thank you to our friends at Budd’s Pools and Spas.”

– Jay & Jamie

“We originally saw the Bullfrog spa at the Architectural Design show in NYC.  We were sold on the simplicity of the design, explained in more detail by Chas at Budd’s.  Our installation site was a tight squeeze but the install went really smoothly.  Chas even arranged the electrician to bring power to the site.  The spa has been running flawlessly for nearly a year.  We ran through the winter and barely noticed a move in our electric bill.  Maintanence is a snap.

The idea that you can move the jet packs around the unit depending on preference is a real plus.  Perhaps these units are a bit more expensive, but the simplicity of the design is well worth the additional cost.  Highly recommend both Bullfrog and Budd’s.”

– Tim & Judy

This Bullfrog spa is so much better than our last spa.  We love the neck massage as well as the jets for your calves and feet.  The movable jet packs make it possible to customize the spa any time we have guests join us.  We love our Bullfrog spa!

– Pam Horovitz

“Owning a Bullfrog Spa is like the Rolls Royce of spas.The quality in the fit and finish is the best in the industry. The interchangeable jetpacks enables you to have a custom spa experience like any other. Other quality features include LED lighting, bluetooth stereo and a waterfall feature for your entertainment. Budd’s Pool and Spas can help educate you on the spa that suits your needs. They are a truly a professional and made the process easy.”

– Mike